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  • Photovoltaics are Contagious

    Photovoltaics are Contagious

    Maybe it is a bit frivolous to mention contagiousness in times of a pandemic, but not all contagion is necessarily bad as we shall discover. A recent study called “Decay Radius of Climate Decision for solar panels in the City of Fresno, USA” by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research has found, that the…

  • Solar Energy is the Cheapest Power Source

    Solar Energy is the Cheapest Power Source

    The Current Situation Already in 2020 the International Energy Agency (IEA) stated in its Annual Report: Solar energy is the cheapest source of electricity! Cost for newly constructed generation capacity has dropped by 80% in the last decade, largely due to lower solar panel cost and increased system reliability. Using CO2-neutral energy is urgently needed,…

  • The Future of the Present

    The Future of the Present

    Zur Version in Deutsch Saturday, 10.10.2020 and we could not resist, it was quite a fancy date anyway. We just had go to the brand new Charging Park Hilden, which had its second official day of operation that Saturday. We drove through some stretches of wet road on the way there and encountered some headwind,…